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Hi! I'm Bas

I'm a 27 year-old self-taught developer from The Netherlands. Currently working fulltime at Tibbaa, a ticketing solutions provider. Programming started as a hobby for me and I managed to create a career out of it. When I have some spare time, I really like to try new things that are related to programming.

Besides working full time, I also have a few open source projects that can be found on my work page. My most recent project is called Meteocons, a free-to use set of animated weather icons.


I started experimenting with code back in 2008. I tweaked a lot to existing projects from other people to see what happened when I changed something. Since then I gained a lot of experience and developed my own (code) style. In 2013 I won two gold medals for programming.

For programming I primarily use the tools of JetBrains, such as PhpStorm and IntelliJ Idea; those applications are a perfect fit for me. All of my projects are stored on their own GitHub repository and I host everything on my own Debian-based server. I also have another beefy Debian-based server for private projects and tools.

Skills & Experience

Programming languages, frameworks, and more that I've worked with.

C# / .NET

Work experience

A few things that I've done to gain work experience in my field.


June 2020 — now

Back in 2020, I started my own company. After receiving more and more questions about making small websites for acquaintances or collaborating on projects with others. With my company I am not actively looking for new customers, but if someone knocks on the door for a website, app or simple design, I am always happy to help.

WeAreFancee / Tibbaa

June 2022 — now

Senior Full-Stack Engineer — My main tasks are working on an organizer dashboard and an app. The dashboard is created with Vue, and uses Vite as a build tool; our app is created using Flutter. I created the Flutter app from scratch.


June 2016 — June 2022

Full-Stack Developer — My career as a developer really started at IdeeMedia. I worked on lots of projects here. From small websites for local companies to large order systems for the Marveld holiday park in Groenlo. I also did server management here and created a new hosting platform from scratch.



Internship — During the period that I went to school at Graafschap College, I did an internship at IMTheSolution. Here I learned to work with Xamarin, among other things, and I found out that mobile app development does interest me, but not with Xamarin.


It was a bit rough, but eventually I managed to successfully get my degree!

Deltion College

2017 — 2020

Application developer — After a two year gap I was still motivated to get my degree, so I decided to restart my education at Deltion College. All the effort I put into education was worth it because I managed to get my degree!

Graafschap College

2012 — 2015

Application developer — I wanted to explore this interest in programming even more. I already had some self-knowledge of programming which made school really easy for me, maybe even a bit too easy… It was also the reason why I quit school for a few years.


2008 — 2012

Commerce & administration — My interest in computers has already been there since I was a kid. I even hacked the schools wifi once. It was very easy for me to choose the subject "Commerce & administration" in middle school. I got to learn a bit about administration.


Where you can find even more.

Follow me on one of the social media platforms below if you want. Occasionally I'll post designs, work, and releases. For a more daily and raw look, add me on Snapchat!