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Clear day icon from Meteocons
Overcast rain icon from Meteocons
Partly cloudy snow icon from Meteocons
Partly cloudy sleet at night icon from Meteocons

Animated Weather Icons

A set of 236 animated icons in different styles. Free to use in any kind of project.

These hand-crafted icons are designed in Adobe Illustrator and animated to SVG files using code and Lottie files using Adobe After Effects. They'll look amazing in your own project.

The icons are available under a MIT-license, which means that they're free to use and you may edit them as you wish. The only requirement is that you should preserve any copyright notices in the source files.

  • High performant Lottie animations are available for every style. These animations were created using the LottieFiles plugin for Adobe After Effects.
  • Every style includes both animated and static SVG files. The animated SVG files cannot be used on mobile and desktop apps as far as I know. Use the Lottie animations for that.
  • Monochrome style has various font formats available to use on desktop and on the web. These fonts are not animated.
  • Static PNG files in various sizes are available. These files are pre-optimized with every publish and are updated with every release.
  • The icons can be used in video projects. Various transparent video files are available to use and the After Effects source file is also available.



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Beaufort Wind Scale

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